Sound is actually a very fragile instrument

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May 25,2023

“The voice is actually a very fragile 'musical instrument’. If you talk too much or are too distracted, you can't reach a particularly perfect state."He Hui said.
Hehui has a clear understanding of her voice, which is why many music fans are surprised by her selection of music for this concert-Wagner's opera, Hehui has not tried much in the past.He Hui is usually positioned as “a lyric and dramatic soprano who sings Italian opera.”Her singing voice is round and loud, and her performance is delicate and nuanced. Her singing works are mainly Puccini, Verdi and realist operas. Wagner's works are areas that she has not touched much before.
Wagnerian opera has always been known for being “difficult to sing”, and the volume and difficulty of the work have strict requirements on the singer's skills and even body shape.“Once the voice is propped up, it will be difficult to go back."He Hui said, “But with the adjustment of technology, hormonal secretion and other physical changes, I feel that the thickness and intensity of my voice have reached the stage where I can try Wagnerian opera."”After the two concerts at the Grand Theater, He Hui will rush to Shanghai to participate in the rehearsal of Wagner's opera "The Wandering Dutchman."
Hehui, who is immersed in German learning, has always been the serious and persistent Shaanxi girl.She clearly remembers the performance of "Tosca" at the Royal Opera House in Palma, Italy, in 2002, which was her debut on the European stage.“I didn't speak Italian very well at the time. I learned the lyrics word by word from the dictionary.”
In Italy, the hometown of opera, the audience will be picky about every detail.Before going on stage, the pressure reached its limit.“What should I do?"He Hui rubbed her hands nervously.Suddenly, she thought of the singer Maria Callas she admired.She has watched many videos of Callas. Callas' gestures are like keys opening the door to the depths of the character's heart-"Mario!Mario!"Hehui called out the lyrics of "Tosca", so she took to the stage.
What an unforgettable night it was.“I feel the cheers of the audience and the recognition and success I have received in a foreign country.”After walking off the stage, the staff who moved the props also applauded Hehui's wonderful performance.
Starting from the two concerts that have just ended, Hehui will start a one-year series of resident artist performances at the Grand Theater.There will be more exciting chapters in her story with the city of Beijing.