Lost national musical instruments

Release time:

May 25,2023

From Juntian Guangle to Jiangnan silk bamboo, from the pipa that sustains the ambitions of literati and scholars to the melodious bamboo flute, the national music that stretches for thousands of years is the musical presentation of national culture, outlining the long-standing charm and elegance, highlighting the inclusive and inclusive cultural style, and accompanying generations of Chinese people through the ages.In recent years, with the revival of traditional Chinese culture, national music, which was once in a difficult situation of inheritance, has been revitalized and new legends have been continuously created.

"Resurrection” of lost national musical instruments

If you want to do good first, you must first use your tools.To reproduce the ancient and wonderful national music, the restoration of ancient national musical instruments is the basis.In recent years, one manifestation of the revitalization of national music is that many lost national musical instruments have been “resurrected”.Qin example, the Central National Orchestra, in cooperation with the Dunhuang Research Institute and the First Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory, has restored and developed more than 50 varieties and more than 90 ancient Dunhuang musical instruments, such as the筚篥, Konghou, Fengshou Ruan, gourd qin, lotus qin, Se, Lei Gong drum... Let the Dunhuang ancient musical instruments that exist in the murals of Mogao Grottoes walk down the murals and make a pleasant sound again in the moment.Using these restored ancient musical instruments, the artists of the Central National Orchestra have successively created national musicals such as "Impression· National Music" and "See National Music Again".