Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation and Industrial Development of Musical Instrument Industry

Release time:

May 25,2023

On January 10, 2023, the Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation and Industrial Development of the Musical Instrument Industry was held in Beijing.The theme of this conference is “Science and Technology·Talent·Innovation·Integration·Development”.The leaders of the association in Beijing, the vice chairman, the heads of enterprises and branches, etc. attended the meeting at the main venue of the China Musical Instrument Association.Henan Lankao, Zhejiang Yuhang Zhongtai, Hebei Suning, Guizhou Zheng'an, Jiangsu Yangzhou, Jiangsu Huangqiao, Tianjin Jinghai, Zhejiang Luoshe, Beijing Pinggu, Shandong Wukong, Hebei Raoyang and other 11 industrial clusters are located, Pearl River Piano, Shangminyi, Tianjin Jinbao, Deli, Lehai, Weike, Fengling, Changsha Magic Sound and other more than 30 companies have set up online branch venues.More than 150 people attended the meeting.The meeting was chaired by Vice Chairman Sun Ruiyong.

Wang Shicheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the China Federation of Light Industry and Chairman of the China Musical Instrument Association, made a keynote speech entitled "Work Hard and Move Forward bravely to continuously promote the integration and development of scientific and technological Innovation in the musical instrument Industry".In his speech, he comprehensively and systematically summarized the scientific and technological innovation and talent construction work of the musical instrument industry in the past year.He pointed out that in 2022, the Association will always put scientific and technological innovation in an important position, and pragmatically promote various tasks in accordance with the overall idea of “two wings and six-wheel drive”.One is the continuous improvement of the comprehensive level of scientific and technological innovation; the second is the continuous increase in the proportion of middle and high-end products; the third is the overall increase in investment in large-scale projects in the industry; the fourth is the increasing improvement of standards and patent research and development capabilities; the fifth is the orderly improvement of digital technology application and investment; and the sixth is the significant increase in the creation of specialized and special products.He said that 2022 is the “year of talent construction” established by the association. The association focuses on continuously cultivating industry science and technology stars and great country craftsmen, organizing high-level talent training, skill evaluation and appraisal, professional skills competitions, exploring the creation of a “musical instrument craftsman Academy”, musical instrument summit forum and other projects to advance sequentially.One is to promote work around “high skills“; the second is to promote work around ”high quality“; and the third is to promote work around ”high standards".