China Musical Instrument Association

Release time:

May 25,2023

From May 9th to 10th, Chen Jinwu, full-time vice Chairman of the China Musical Instrument Association, Gao Ping, director of the Information Department of the China Musical Instrument Association, Wang Lei, deputy General Manager of Shanghai National Exhibition and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., Rong Xiaoxian, exhibition director, and Shi Xianzhi, sales manager, walked into Zhushan County and Zhugou Town, Henan, the hometown of the violin, for investigation and exchange.

Accompanied by the leaders of the local county government, the research team came to the violin Industrial Park in Queshan on the afternoon of May 9th, visited the musical instrument culture exhibition hall in the park with the theme of displaying the violin industry, visited Henan Haoyun Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., Queshan Qiang Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, and had cordial exchanges with corporate representatives.