Top 20 Influential News in China's Musical Instrument Industry in 2022

Release time:

May 25,2023

From January 18th to 22nd, the “Yunshang Musical Instrument Week”, co-sponsored by the China Musical Instrument Association, Shanghai National Exhibition and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., and Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., was held online.The event attracted 174 exhibitors to bring 664 exhibits to the exhibition, and the number of visitors to the online platform reached 321,000.The event integrates functions such as cloud display, cloud release, cloud marketing, cloud docking, and cloud courses. It aims to break the shackles of the epidemic, promote trade docking at home and abroad, promote scientific and technological progress in the industry, and stimulate the growth of the consumer market.The integrated creative marketing model of audio and video of the event has opened up new ideas for the online service extension of the China (Shanghai) International Musical Instrument Exhibition, the online business development of exhibitors, and the online viewing experience of the audience.

In February, the Beijing Winter Olympics was successfully held. The majority of musical instrument companies used practical actions to help the Winter Olympics and convey the good expectations of “going to the future together”.During the event, the Xinghai Winter Olympics theme grand piano successfully settled in the Winter Olympics village, and the Chinese design elements won the praise of the Organizing Committee; the dragon and phoenix guzheng was selected as the special guzheng for the National Youth music exhibition of the Olympic Games; the Bolansler crystal piano appeared in the national style version of "Together to the Future" MV, showing the perfect integration of piano art and modern technology.Dream by dream of the Winter Olympics, enjoy the ice and snow, musical instrument companies play the melody of ice and snow, spread the Chinese voice to the world, and show the Chinese style.