Technology empowers the art of Qinzheng

Release time:

May 25,2023

Qin black body, lightweight material, and white strings are shiny... This is an electric kite developed by Xiong Liqun, honorary president of Yangzhou Qinzheng Association and inheritor of Guzheng art in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Project.Unlike the traditional guzheng, the electric kite is made of environmentally friendly lightweight composite materials, which solves the problem that the traditional guzheng is heavy and inconvenient to carry.

In view of the inconvenience of traditional guzheng tuning, the electric kite tuning adopts worm gear technology, which can be tuned with two fingers.At the same time, the audio output can be switched between headphones and audio at will. Players don't have to worry about neighbors complaining when practicing Qin, nor do they have to worry about not being able to hear the teacher's lectures in group classes.Xiong Liqun said: "On the one hand, we broke the original guzheng design and made a major transformation in appearance. On the basis of the electric zheng hardware, we also developed the ‘AI (Artificial intelligence) guzheng teaching aid system’, which uses multimedia optimization to make the guzheng classroom a healthy, convenient, interesting and efficient new type of teaching platform.”