The full rise of a new business model

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The all-round rise of a new business model has spawned a new commercial format-marking the 23rd anniversary of the entry of the vending machine field into the Chinese market. It has been nearly 20 years since the vending machine entered the Chinese market. In these more than 20 years of development, vending machines have slowly changed from strangeness in the eyes of the public to familiarity today, and have been deeply integrated into life. It has become an essential part.

From simple beverage vending machines to today's unmanned vending shop model, vending machines are changing the traditional business model and will impact and even replace physical stores over time.As a new business model, the vending machine field will become more and more popular. Vending machines are part of the realization of a new commercial format through combination.:

one.Unmanned department store supermarket 2.Unmanned adult products supermarket three.Unmanned fresh supermarket four.Unmanned drug supermarket V.Unmanned fast food supermarket 6.Unmanned wine cabinet seven.The above-mentioned unmanned flower supermarkets are just a few common forms of realization of vending machines as unmanned stores, as well as book sales, fan marketing and other directions can basically be realized through vending machines.

In the future, with the improvement of residents' consumption level and the upgrading of consumption structure, the prospects of vending machines in unmanned supermarkets are bright.Nowadays, operating a physical department store, as far as the person who opened the store is concerned: the store's decoration costs, shelf costs, cash register system, commodity purchase costs, broadband costs, personnel wages, daily living expenses and other expenses are huge. In one year, the conservative expenditure of a store of 40-50 square meters is 250,000-300,000, and the investment cost is high.The return on investment also depends on the location, passenger flow, and customer service.Nowadays, competition in department stores is increasing, and a large number of entities go out of business every day, so unmanned vending machines have emerged as a new force.It is not affected by the operating time, there are no large-scale purchase costs, no decoration costs, one person can operate, flexible operating methods, short return cycles, convenient combination operations, and diverse payment methods. It has become a good way to invest and start a business. In the future, the business model of traditional stores will gradually withdraw from the historical stage with the development of society, and unmanned vending stores dominated by vending machines will become the dominant as a new business model.Vending machines have proven this in the 23 years they have been in China.The intelligent self-service retail system will comprehensively promote the development of the terminal retail industry and further benefit the majority of terminal consumers!