TS3000: High Grade Gold lacquer Tone Bb Tenor Saxophone

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We can make all kinds musical instruments according to customers’ special requirements, and produce the high quality products of novel style


Product description

Tenor Saxophone
Tone: Bb
High pitch #F key, Front F key
Hard rubber mouthpiece, hand engravings
Gold lacquer

The surface of the product can be in:Gold lacquer/Gold plate/Dotted gold plate/Silver Plate/Dotted silver plate/Shining nickel plate /Black nickel plate/Dotted nickel plate/Two-color/Antique bronze or customized.

Comes ready to play with neck strap,polishing cloth,mouthpiece,ligature,reed,and cap.Also included is a backpack style hard case with straps and a large external zippered pouch.

Materials available:Yellow brass,Gold brass,Cupronickel ,Germany copper.

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