SS1000: Popular grade gold lacquer straight Soprano Saxophone

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We can make all kinds musical instruments according to customers’ special requirements, and produce the high quality products of novel style


Product description

Model number:SS1000

Soprano Saxophone
Tone: Bb Gold lacquer
High pitch #F key, Front F key
Hard rubber mouthpiece, hand engravings

The surface of the sax can be in:Gold lacquer/Gold plate/Dotted gold plate/Silver Plate/Dotted silver plate/Shining nickel plate /Black nickel plate/Dotted nickel plate/Two-color/Antique bronze
For saxophone materials, we can make it by yellow brass, phosphor copper(rose copper), white copper(cupronickel) and imported Germany copper. 
We can make professional ones, imported Italian My Pads Pisoni pads, blue springs, whole body hand hammering made, full body engravings.

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