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Factors to consider when choosing a vending machine

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2019/03/26 19:46
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Factors to consider when choosing a good vending machine to choose the location of the adult vending machine is the key to operating profit, choose a suitable and low-cost location, can bring a steady stream of your adult goods vending shop Customer traffic, then, in the end, how to choose a good store location, today to explain the years of experience with the pioneers of vending machines: store investment price should be from the city population of the store, road traffic, operations team and future planning The situation is combined to determine the specific place of delivery.
1. Consider the demographic composition Whether it is a new shop or a second-hand shop, the main factor determining its success or failure is the local consumers. Therefore, when choosing a store, you must compare the local consumer purchases. Generally speaking, if the local population is imported in large quantities and is mostly composed of white-collar workers with strong spending power, common sense in economics tells us that people's consumption levels will be proportional to income, so the region will accommodate more mid- to high-end goods. Specialty stores, which led to an increase in rent levels in the region.
2. Considering the road and human flow The degree of human traffic on the road largely determines the number of people arriving. Generally speaking, whether it is a prosperous city center or a new business community “new”, all have convenient transportation features. Therefore, whether it is a new shop or a second-hand shop, if the traffic situation is not ideal, it also shows that the future growth space will not be great. Of course, it should be noted that shops that are close to fast-traffic trunks cannot be selected. Although such shops have the characteristics of high traffic convenience, the flow of people cannot be gathered and cannot bring popularity.
3. Consider the situation of single or single shop of the operation team. Generally, the place to be placed should not be too far away. It is convenient when there is a problem in the store or when the goods need to be loaded. If it is placed in a certain area, it should be considered. The composition of the surrounding population, especially the age group, the age group should be 18-40 years old, the population is located in college students, young people's communities, and relatively concentrated business hotels.
4. Considering future planning For the planning prospects in the region, a comprehensive comparison should be made. Relatively speaking, in areas where the population is stabilizing, the upside is obviously not as good as the area in the process of continuous improvement. Also of concern is the change in planning. As the current urban construction is in the ascendant, there will often be planning adjustments, which will lead to the original downtown area, which suddenly changed its original appearance due to municipal construction. Although this situation is rare, once the impact on investors is relatively large, it must be done with caution. 5. After the store site selection is basically confirmed, we should also consider the surrounding security situation, and the street traffic from 8:00 to 2 am. There is a simple skill to look at the adult products store. How much and size, generally know whether this location is better!
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