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The rise of a new business model has spawned a new business format

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2019/03/26 19:44
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The rise of a new business model has spawned a new business format – the vending machine entered the Chinese market for the 23rd anniversary of the vending machine sector. It has been in the Chinese market for nearly 20 years. In the 20 years of development, it has been sold. From the unfamiliarity of the public eye to the familiarity of the present, and deep integration into life has become an indispensable part.
From simple beverage vending machines to today's unattended store model, vending machines are undergoing a revolution in traditional business models that will impact and replace physical stores over time. As a new business model, the field of vending machines will become increasingly hot. Part of the implementation of the vending machine as a new commercial format:
One. Unmanned department store supermarket II. Unmanned adult supplies supermarket III. No life fresh supermarket IV. Unmanned drug supermarkets No-people fast food supermarket Unmanned wine cabinet VII. Unmanned Flower Supermarkets The above are just a few common implementation forms of vending machines as unmanned stores, as well as book sales, fan marketing and other directions can basically be achieved through vending machines.
In the future, with the improvement of residents' consumption level and the upgrading of consumption structure, the prospect of vending machines in the unmanned supermarket module is bright. Now operating a physical department store, as far as the store is concerned: the decoration cost of the store, the cost of the shelf, the cashier system, the purchase cost of the goods, the cost of broadband, the salary of the staff, the daily expenses of the personnel, etc. are huge. One year, 40- The conservative spending of a 50 square store is between 25 and 300,000, and the investment cost is high. The return on investment also depends on the location, the passenger flow, and the customer. Nowadays, the competition in department stores has increased, and a large number of entities have closed down every day, so no-sales machines have emerged as new forces. It is a good way to invest and start a business without being affected by business hours, without large purchase costs, no renovation costs, one-person operation, flexible operation mode, short return period, convenient combination operation and various payment methods. In the future, the business model of traditional stores will gradually withdraw from the historical stage with the development of society. The unmanned vending shop dominated by vending machines will become the dominant business model. This has been proven in the 23 years of vending machines in China. The intelligent self-service retail system will fully promote the development of the terminal retail industry and further benefit the majority of terminal consumers!
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